Personal Stories

The following stories are from people who have had intimate contact with FASD.  The stories are from birth parents, foster and adoptive parents and people with FASD.  It is critical for health practitioners to read about the personal side of FASD to flesh out the clinical aspect of the condition.  The problem that people with FASD have not being able to link cause and consequence means one thing when it is written on paper but it means something completely different to parents.


Youth worker Vicki Russell (no relation to the author) tells a moving story of a young boy who was unable to live with his pain.

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Ariel finds a friend

This little girl has at last found some stability, routine and love in her life

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A Flawed Jewell

These two special people have not only provided a loving, caring family environment for their beautiful daughter, but now at the time when retirement offers the lure of relaxation and a break from the impact of raising four children, they have chosen to devote their time to increasing awareness of FASD in Australia.

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Fostering children from indigenous communities

This family has welcomed children into their hearts and homes for many years.

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She succeeded in spite of her prenatal exposure to alcohol

This inspiring woman has endured the worst of beginnings including having an alcoholic mother who deserted her family while they were young, a father who abused her, and the probability she has FASD, to achieve success in the academic world.

Read more: She succeeded in spite of her prenatal exposure to alcohol

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