FASD Training

For the first time in Australia! Training Connections Australia, in conjunction with the rffada have developed training in FASD for all audiences.

We can deliver this training anywhere in Australia and New Zealand and can quote within the hour.

  • Module 1 – The Facts of FASD
  • Module 2 – Community and allied Health Personnel
  • Module 3 – Living with FASD
  • Module 4 – Strategies for Teachers and Educators
  • Module 5 – Strategies for Employment Services Professionals
  • Module 6 – Strategies for Criminal Justice Workers
  • Module 7 – Alcohol and pregnancy for students
  • Module 8 – FASD and Homelessness
  • Module 9 – FASD for Indigenous Australians (is still in consultation stage)
  • Brochure – Do you have a client who just doesn’t get it?
Brochures on the modules available are available from the training page

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