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FASD: From Isolation to Inclusion in Australian Schools

Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders (FASD) is a medical diagnosis that describes the spectrum of brain injuries, birth defects and developmental disabilities caused by fetal alcohol exposure.

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The cost of FASD in Sweden

"To estimate the annual societal cost of fetal
alcohol syndrome (FAS) in Sweden, focusing on the secondary disabilities
thought feasible to limit via early interventions..."

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Life with FASD goes beyond the brain

"...For Travis,
Himmelreich and Lutke, who had complex health conditions starting in infancy,
the results [of their research]... added to the evidence that alcohol exposure
in utero doesn’t only affect the brain: it’s a whole-body disorder...""...Kids Brain Health Researchers Penny Corkum and Shelley Weiss are
evaluating a successful treatment designed for typically developing children as
a strategy for sleep issues in children with autism, FASD, and ADHD...""...Dr. Gail Andrew—medical director of the FASD clinical services at the
Glenrose Rehabilitation Hospital and a consultant to the Glenrose Autism Clinic
in Alberta—says her approach to diagnosing both disorders involves a complete

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Prevalence of FASD

"Prevalence and
characteristics of fetal alcohol syndrome (FAS) and total fetal alcohol
spectrum disorders (FASD) were studied in a second sample of three South
African rural communities to assess change...."

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EU Mandatory labelling

"Makers of spirits and beer are exploring self-regulatory solutions to show consumers the ingredients contained in the alcohol they drink. However, they find the Commission’s timeline “too tight” and fear mandatory rules will eventually be imposed on them..."

" France all alcoholic beverages should carry a warning indicating the risks for pregnant women..."
[only mention of pregnancy]
"...Spring 2018: A self-regulatory proposal from the industry on alcohol labelling is expected."

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