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Welcome to the “I am a Caregiver” resource guide for
those providing care to a person with FASD. This guide was developed as a way
for caregivers to access important information and resources relating to
providing care for children and adults with FASD. FASD is a life-long
disability and individuals impacted by FASD require a community of care and
support. As a caregiver, you are a key part of the care team.

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Alcohol and Pregnancy - My Responsible Disturbance

Second edition out shortly

We lvoe a teen with FASD

"...In seeking to help our son identify when he is overwhelmed, in giving our son the words to describe his need for people to break down their instructions, in providing our son technologies and strategies that allow him to remember and complete
multi-step projects, in helping him understand those things that overwhelm him
and in explaining why his brain finds certain things quite difficult, we are
giving him the very tools he needs for his future independence..."

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Women urged to stop drinking before conception

"...University of Queensland's Child Health
Research Centre ... Professor Karen Moritz ...PhD student Emily Dorey...The
effects of periconceptional maternal alcohol intake and a postnatal high-fat
diet on obesity and liver disease in male and female rat offspring. American
Journal of Physiology - Endocrinology and Metabolism.."

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Mandatory health warnings

"Alcohol sold in
Australia should be labelled with mandatory health warnings for pregnant and
breastfeeding women, the West Australian government says. WA Health Minister Roger Cook is calling for state, territory and federal
governments to support compulsory health warnings on alcohol, ahead of the
Australian and New Zealand ministerial forum on food regulation on

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